Activities of the Leo¹ Janįček Society in Switzerland 1969-2011
The Status of our Society: The Society is dissolved at 31.12.2011
The Leo¹ Janįček-Society is duly registered in the city of Zurich, Switzerland.
Date and Place of Foundation:
11.10.1969 at Zurich Premiere of Janįčeks "The Cunning little Vixen"
to support the spreading of the work of Leo¹ Janįček
to open the doors to the performing materials
Ideas for Janįček-Concerts, Performances, Works on stage
Materials for Documentation, for Searching
Bibliografy, Discografy, Videografy, Translations
Editions, Publications:
Materials on Life and Work, in German, Zurich 1982 ed. by Jakob Knaus
"Intime Briefe" 1879/80 of Leo¹ Janįček to his Zdenka, complete Edition, in German (orig.), Zurich 1985, ed. by Jakob Knaus
"Die Ausflüge des Herrn Brouček" - Documents, Materials, in German, Zurich 1995, ed. by Jakob Knaus and Jiųķ Vyslou¾il (out of print)
Newsletter 1 - 85, 950 pp.
"Leo¹ Janįček" at "Komponisten der Gegenwart", 94 pp., edition text+kritik, Munich

Thema con variazioni. J-Correspondence with his wife Zdenka and daughter Olga. Kassel 2009, 380 p.

Counseling and Mediating of Materials:
for Conductors
for Orchestra-Managers
for Art Directors
for Broadcast programmers
Music Travels on Janįček